Skaian Library follower drive! (And giveaway)


Skaian Library is in need of followers! Now, your first question is probably: what the heck is Skaian Library?

It’s a blog dedicated to showcasing great Homestuck fanfiction, because while there are plenty of art showcase blogs out there, not enough blogs focus on the written side of the fandom.

This blog aims to post a couple good fics each day, and keep a tagged list of fics so you can browse for ones you’d want to see. But there’s a problem - I can only read so many fics in one day, and I’ve got my own tastes, so I might miss some super awesome fics as a result. So, I need more followers, and more people submitting! You can submit a fic you’ve written, or nominate a fic written by someone else that you think is worth posting.

To encourage getting more followers, I’m doing a small giveaway. A fic written by me, for a prompt of your choice.


  1. Reblog this post to enter. Only reblogs count, and only the first one counts, but you can reblog it more than once if you like.
  2. Follow the blog, and be following it when the giveaway ends.
  3. Each unique name that enters will be put into a spreadsheet; I will use a random number generator to pick the winner.
  4. No reblogging and following with spam blogs; you have to use your real blog in order to participate.

And, here is a more exact description of your prize:

  • You will receive one (1) Homestuck fanfiction, written based on a prompt given by you, which will be greater than one thousand (1000) words.
  • You can contact the author for a progress report, and if he is unsure about a certain section he will contact you to ensure the fic comes out as you like it.
  • The author will not write about any watersports, scat, or extreme violence. Other fetishes are probably ok, but if he is unwilling to write your prompt he will tell you and offer you the chance to give him another one.

Giveaway/follower drive ends on Tuesday, December 13th; any changes to the rules or date of the raffle will be announced on this blog immediately.

Don’t hesitate to check out the blog, and please, reblog this to spread the word! Your prize is free and requires no shipping, so there’s no reason not to enter!

Good luck, and have fun!

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